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Promotions are here to make November THE month!

My message to you about not underestimating your potential this month...

Ladies, I had my touch base with my leader yesterday, Tanya Green Chloe Isabel, and she reminded me the potential this team has to hit some HUGE numbers this month. We have pretty much consistently had average productivity around $500-$550 month after month. November 2014, this team's average productivity was $1100. That shows you right there what I've been saying for the past 3 months. You can double your sales in November. You still need to do the work and pop up, but if you normally expect a $750 pop up, with the promotions that we are offering and the fact that this is the biggest shopping month of the year, you should be expecting to pass $1000 at your pop ups. I set our team goal for $55,000, but Tanya told me I was underestimating our potential. So, I've set a new goal. Based on last year's sales productivity, here's how I came up with our new sales goal... My goal is for 90 of you to be active (that's 50%) with an average productivity of $800. Of course, I'd love to have $1100 like last year, but playing with the $800 mark, our team sales should hit $72,000. If you shot for $1000, that is great, but make sure you have a stretch goal when you hit that mark. Don't get comfortable. Realize your potential and enjoy your efforts on December 5, payday! Who is ready to crush their goals?


It will help you reach your goals. Everyone likes knowing that they are getting a good deal.

We now have gift boxes

How cool is this! Remember, their add on doesn't go towards your commissions. It is simply a convenience for our customers.
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What to do to ensure November is successful?

As a small business owner, personal relationships is your competitive edge! Send out meaningful online marketing campaigns, e-mails, texts + social media messages to engage with your customers on a intimate level. We will be coming out with a new promotion each week of November so have a plan. Your customers will not get tired of hearing about new promotions so get use to sending out newsletters and texts. Use your Daily Outreach Tool, The Feed + your Content Center as your go-to resources to work smarter, not harder!

Don't forget about our booking blitz!

You've been challenged to book 1 more in home and 1 more online pop up before the end of the month.

Will YOU Be on the November Wall of Fame?

Once you reach $800 in sales this month, you will be added to the Wall of Fame. Every time we complete a row with 6 faces, we will do a raffle. Let's do this ladies! Earn $800 for the commission bump to 30% and a chance to win a raffle.
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Don't waste another minute. You joined at a great time and you need to take advantage of the holiday season. If you haven't already done so, please make sure you set up a call with me so I can help you get started in your C+I journey. I am here to support you so please use me. ( : Here is my time trade appointment maker:

Here is the link to the training calls for the week:

Hop on those training calls! Look at these stats:

Those who completed Getting Set Up For Success: average sales of $990
Those who didn't attend the call: average sales of $575

Those who completed Pop Up Formula 4 Success: average sales of $943
Those who didn't attend the call: average sales of $576