god king

when was he born and when did he die?

He was born in 520bce.

He died in 465bce.

A visual representation of the leader

What did this leader accomplish in their rule? (name 3 things, good or bad)

1. Led a land and sea attack 2. the end of the invasion was at the battle of Plataea 3. Xerxes broke the policy set by Cyrus The Great and Darius of ruling foreign lands with a fairly light hand and, in a manner compatible with local traditions, ruthlessly ignored Egyptian forms of rule and imposed his will on the rebellious province in a thoroughly Persian style.

What role did this person play in Persian history?

He was the first king that forced the places taken over to follow his will.

What is this leader most famous for?

He was the first Persian King to actually lead his army into battle, and won the second persian war.

Do you think this person was a good leader? Why?

He was not a good leader, since he did not rule the way his predecessors did. Xerxes demanded that he gain control of all of the other kingdoms treasures, instead of only asking for 20%.


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