A chance for peace


Farlis Calle is 15 and lives in Uraba Columbia. She has 3 siblings not including her. Farlis believes in equal rights and peace. She goes to school on a day to day basis. Farlis's neighbor hood is actually a banana plantation in which her father works at. Her mother owns a small business soft drinks and snacks to the workers. One of her family members, Enrique, made a huge change in Farlis's life that made her become more aware of her life and her country.

Uraba Columbia

Uraba is the largest banana growing industry in Columbia. Uraba has been greatly effected by poverty, drugs, and drug traffiking. Although Uraba has exotic getaways many people can't see what Columbia is greatly lacking on. Since so many Colombians are in such poverty more and more citizens are relying on the banana industry or becoming armed group members. Uraba is actually known for its bloody history. Every day Uraba is forced to see more and more Colombians turning into armed group members. With more and more members, Colombia can be faced to see more violence such as killings and giant massacres. It is even hard to picture living in a utterly total war zone!

A day in the life of Farlis.

Farlis was 15 when she started working for peace. She lived on a banana plantation for 14 years, about 10 miles from Apartoda. She lived in the northwestern region of Colombia also known as Uraba. Farlis's father worked in the banana plantation cleaning and packing the banana's. Farlis's mother had a small business selling soft drinks and snack's to the hard vesting workers. Farlis lived in a small adobe house with a tin roof and a dusty compound shaded by mango and guayaba trees. She was the oldest of four children in her family. Farlis and her siblings grew up rough but still had the chance to go to school unlike a lot of children and teens. At school Farlis had to be loyal or she could even be killed. Like Faris said in the book " Surviving in school meant being loyal to your friends and not being a "sapo" or tattletale.

Important Events

As Farlis being known for her kind heart and her peaceful ways events took place to shape her life. The biggest event that took place was when her cousin, Enrique, almost joined an armed group. At the age of 17, Enrique's girlfriend became pregnant. Enrique always wanted to be a car mechanic but never got employed by a business. Enrique tried his hardest but couldn't seem to get employed to any jobs. He eventually joined an armed group. Farlis knew he was in trouble and couldn't stand and watch. She stood up and joined a peace group. Soon after Farlis got news of Enrique finding low paying but peaceful jobs at the banana plantation. Enrique did not fall through with his decision ob being an armed group member.

The change

Farlis joined the UNICEF group, and they are trying to promote peace. Basically all the violence happening in Colombia will be tried to stopped by the group. Or, at least the amount of violence will tried to be reduced. The group asks for pace and has votes on them. Also many of the members in the armed group respect the wishes of UNICEF.

Hopes for the future

Farlis doesn't like violence, or even just guns. Something they would most definitley want for the future would be peace. Her friends purposely placed her name in the ballot so she could win for president. They knew she didn't like the violence, or even want it in her kids future. Her family and most of Colombia wants peace, or hope to get rid of most of it. They are also hoping for the war that has been going on since our generations parents were born.