The Geometry Project

By:Anthony M

Different types of triangles

Hey people! Today i'm gonna show stuff on TRIANGLES!!!!!! But right now I will show you different types of TRIANGLES :D

The awesome right triangle

That up there is a right triangle. It has two acute angles and one right angle.

Acute triangle

This guy right here is the acute triangle. He has all acute angles.

The obtuse triangle

Now this one is the OBTUSE triangle. It has 1 OBTUSE angle and 2 acute angles

These are the triangles by sides. Let me show them to you.


Right up there is a scalene triangle. It has NO congruent sides nor angles.

Mr. Isasceles

The awesome triangle with a mustache up there is Mr. Isasceles. He has 2 congruent sides and 2 congruent angles.

Equilateral Guy

This here is Equilateral Guy. He is has a strong belief about peace on Earth and equal rights. He also has ALL congruent sides and angles.

Types of Angles

Angle Time

Now we are ALL done with triangles, now we're going to angles!