Rockhopper Penguin

Where they live

Rockhopper penguins live in Antarctica near the Indian ocean
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What they eat

Rockhopper penguins aren't picky when it comes to food.there main diet is krill small fish and

squid.Even though you these creatures are small but they have very strong flippers and feet to help them consume their prey.


The Rockhopper penguin is silly but interesting.They are aggresive with eachother.

They fight over food nesting locations and even mating partners.

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Colours on the rockhopper penguin

The colours on a rockhopper penguin are yellow on the sides of its heads

white stomach a black back pink feet and red beak and eyes

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Breeding procces

Rockhopper penguins have a similar breeding procces.Although they have a shorter

breeding season.They lay 2 eggs with the smaller egg first never producing a chick

to fledging.Rockhopper penguins are very synchronised in their breeding cycle both within a colony and across years. Males return to the island in mid-October and females a few days later. Nests are re-established with most returning to the same nest sites and mates and two eggs laid

Life cycle

Describe The Rockhopper Penguins lay two eggs but usually one survive. The parent penguins keep the babies warm for 32 o 34days. They do not breed till they're about 4yrs old.They can live up to 25yrs but unfortinatly they usually only make it to 25yrs. They reproduce by mating and breeding.Since they're birds they lay eggs.Rockhoppers make their nest from scraping a hole in the rocky ground they live around. The parent penguins leave their babies after 10weeks. The way these Rockhopper Penguins find their mates is pretty weird they touch each other neck by neck and slap each other.