Archives War

How the Archives War started

Mexico leaders were upset because Lamar wanting to you the Texas Navy against Mexico. The leader send raids into Texas. led by Rafael Vasquez and 700 soldiers they sent attacks out into Texas. San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. Texans heard the news that the Mexicans where coming so they started panicking. President Houston orders for all files and documents to be withdraw from the capital. When officials where packing the Archives War started.

The battle

Led my Angelina Eberbly, they fired at officials loading documents into the wagon so, that they can stay in Austin and not go back to Houston. This was the archives War. This War did not last long for they did not want any more men killed so they have kept the documents in Austin where the capitals is now. in September Mexico invade again for Texas though they were done with mexico. Mexico still wanted to think texas was a part of mexico.General Adrian Woll captured San Antonio. A local Texan Samuel Maverick a Survivor told us about that morning. Texans made their way down to Salado Creek and mexico ran taking captives with them. That was the Archives War.

Angelina Eberly and Sam Houston

This two roles were very important. Angelina was the one against Houston leadi the shoot fired at the officials so that they would stay out of Houston. Houston wanted them to be ship to Houston and out of Austin.