Lakeshore Middle

Blended Learning & RtI

We can, whenever we choose, successfully teach all children whose schooling is of interest to us. We already know more than we need to do that. Whether or not we do it must finally depend on how we feel about the fact that we haven’t so far.

--Ron Edmonds, 1982 in DeFour et al., 2004

What is RtI?

What it is:

  • Responsiveness to Instruction (RtI) helps ALL students be successful!
  • It's differentiating to meet all students' needs.
  • It's using data to drive instruction.
  • It's problem solving with a team to provide layers of support for students.

What it isn't:

  • for EC students only
  • a program
  • a one-time thing
  • static

RtI is WHAT we're learning today.

Blended Learning is HOW we'll learn about RtI today.

Lab Rotation is the blended learning model we are using.

Click each picture to view a larger version.

Vocabulary exercise

Visit the RtI network and specifically look for the definitions of the following words:

  • Remediation
  • Intervention
  • Accommodation
  • Modification

Provide one example of how and when our school provides students with remediation.

Provide one example of how and when our school provides students with interventions.

What are the similarities in remediation and intervention?

What are the differences?

Fill in the Venn Diagram portion of your worksheet.

AIMSweb Data for Reading Fluency

aimsweb data for math computation

Before you leave...

Be sure you have answered the above questions on your handout. Go to the Stixy board and login with the password Laker. This is a pin board that can be private or collaborative. This one is collaborative, so add a note, or send me a ToDo if you need more support in RtI, Lab Rotation, or both.