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Weekly Update 1.23

Good Sunday afternoon!

It was a great day at Swansboro Middle School last week. Boys and girls basketball played hard but fell short to Northwoods Park Middle on Thursday. This week will include home basketball on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Tuesday will also be 2nd semester open house from 5:30-6:30. Report cards will come home Wednesday and the week will end with All County Band.

Open house will take place on Tuesday evening along with a home basketball game. Come out to watch the Pirates take on Hunters Creek Middle and also visit your teachers from 5:30-6:30.

We have seen an increase in online confrontations spill over into the school setting. Review the safety tips below with your child to ensure they remain safe online.

Mask are not required but still encouraged for students. If your child is sick please do not send them to school. If you or anyone in your household is exhibiting any COVID 19 symptoms or awaiting test results, please email or call Nurse Sammons.

Tuesday will mark the second day in the 2nd semester. Please continue to monitor PowerSchool, LiveSchool and keep an eye out for Lookout List emails. Thank you for partnering with us to ensure your student remains on track.

I can't wait to see everyone on Monday.

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Parent/Student Talking Points


Did you know that 97% of American girls, and 95% of American boys today have access to a smartphone. In 2015, the average teen sent and received 67 text messages per day. The average age at which a child gets a cellphone in the U.S. is 10 years old. Help keep your children safe by asking the following questions regularly.

  • What do you use your phone for the most? Can you show me some of your favorite apps?
  • Do you know everyone you have as a contact in your phone and on different apps?
  • Has anyone ever taken an embarrassing picture of you without your permission?
  • Have you ever taken an embarrassing picture of someone else? What did you do with it?
  • Have you ever talked with someone you first met online on your cellphone?
  • What would you do if someone sent you a text or picture that was inappropriate?
  • Do you know how to turn off GPS and turn on privacy settings for the different apps you use?

References: https://www.missingkids.org/netsmartz/topics/smartphones


Please take a minute and review with your student the dangers of vaping. Here are some suggested conversation openers. Remember, don’t be angry if they share things you didn’t expect to hear. Listen to their answers, ask more questions and keep the lines of communication open.

  1. Are a lot of kids vaping at your school? Are your friends vaping? Be sure you don’t react, just listen.
  2. What do you think about vaping? You may hear him/her say, “It’s harmless – it’s just flavored water vapor,” but it’s not.

When you first bring up the subject, your student might be caught off guard and reluctant to engage. But once you open the door to the topic, they’ll be more inclined to talk to you about it later. E-Cigarettes are illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to possess. Any student found in possession, using one, or that know about one and do not report it to school staff will be assigned out of school suspension as a consequence.

Upcoming Dates (Date Changes in Bold)

1/24: Away Basketball vs. Dixon

1/25: 2nd Semester Open House

1/25: Home Basketball vs. HCMS

1/26: Report Cards

1/28: All County Band

2/1: Away Basketball vs. JCMS

2/3: Away Basketball vs. BMS

2/5: All District Band

2/5: All County Orchestra

2/7: National School Counselors Week

2/7: Away Basketball vs. NBMS

2/9: Home Basketball vs. TMS

2/9: Progress Reports

2/10: District Early Release Professional Development

2/11: Valentine’s Day Dance

2/12: Basketball Tournament

2/14: Volleyball/Boys Soccer Tryouts

2/14: Century Club

2/16: SLT Meeting

2/19: SHS Reverse Raffle

2/21: Teacher Workday

2/21: Lockdown Drill

2/24: Away Volleyball/Soccer vs. SWMS

3/1: Home Volleyball/Soccer vs. DMS

3/3: Home Volleyball/Soccer vs. NWPS

3/4: Progress Reports

3/5: Regional Orchestra Auditions

3/5: All State Band Auditions

3/6: School Social Worker Week

3/8: Home Volleyball/Soccer vs. HCMS

3/14: Century Club

3/15: Student Lockdown Drill

3/15: Away Volleyball/Soccer vs. JCMS

3/16: Spring Pictures

3/16: SLT Meeting

3/17: Away Volleyball/Soccer vs. BMS

3/18: Early Release Professional Development

3/22: Away Volleyball/Soccer vs. NBMS

3/24: Tri-M Recital

3/24: Home Volleyball/Soccer vs. TMS

3/25: Baseball Tryouts

3/25: End of Grading Period

4/1: Student Dance

4/1: Report Cards

4/4: Track Tryouts

4/4: Media Specialist Day

4/7: Away Baseball vs. SWMS

4/10-4/15: Spring Break, No School

4/18: Teacher Workday

4/18: Public School Volunteer Week

4/20: SLT Meeting

4/21: Home Baseball vs. DMS

4/25: Administrative Professionals Week

4/27: Administrative Professional Day

4/25: Home Baseball vs. NPMS

4/25: Progress Reports

4/26: Track Meet

4/28: Home Baseball vs. HCMS

4/29: Talent Show

4/30: Pride Yard Sale

5/1: School Principal Day

5/2: OCS Schools Employee Appreciation Week

5/3: National Teacher Day

5/3: Track Meet

5/5: Away Baseball vs. JCMS

5/6: Pride Honor Roll Trip

5/7: Regional Orchestra

5/9: Away Baseball vs. BMS

5/9: Chorus Concert

5/9: Century Club

5/11: National School Nurse Day

5/12: Away Baseball vs. NBMS

5/12: Band Concert

5/13: Pride Principals List Bush Gardens

5/16: Home Baseball vs. TMS

5/16: Progress Report

5/17: Track Meet

5/17: Swansboro Community Schools Awards Banquet

5/18: SLT Meeting

5/19: Orchestra Concert

5/22-5/27: EOG Spirit Week

5/30: Memorial Day, No School

6/1: EOG’s Begin

6/3: 8th Grade Dance

6/7: Last Student Day

6/8: Locked-In Teacher Workday

6/9: Teacher Workday

6/10: Teacher Workday