By Lizzy L.

The Overview

In this flyer you should learn about where Norway is located/ geography, it's customs, the government, the economy, and social/ ethnic groups

Where is Norway?

Norway's Location

You can find Norway on the continent of Europe. Norway is northwest of the country known as Sweden. Seas including the North Sea, and the Norwegian Sea surround Norway. Norway is a total of 304.282 square kilometers, but that is only their land property! Norway also consists of 19,520 square kilometers of water. Norway has lots of mountains. In the picture, the country outlined in purple is Norway.

Norway's Customs

Popular food include salmon (fresh and cured), herring (pickled or marinated),trout, cod and other sea food, they also eat cheese, dairy products and breads. Some holidays Norwegians celebrate include Andre juledag which translates to St. Stephens Day, which is a day where they celebrate a Christian Saint on December 26. Første Juledag, which translates to Christmas Day, celebrated on December 25. Skjærtorsdag translates to Maundy Thursday, it is celebrated on the Thursday before Easter Sunday. There are several more holidays, but these are just a few.

Norway's Government

Noway's capital is in Oslo. Their government type is constitutional monarchy. Norway's current Prime Minister is Jens Stoltenberg. The law making body is called the Council of State. Their government is limited. Norway joined the UN on November 27, 1945. The citizens of Norway need to pay taxes, be loyal to the king/ queen. Women have the same right as men. A foreigner would have the same rights as a Norwegian citizen.

Noway's Economy

The name of the Norwegian currency is Norwegian krone. One Krone is equivalent to 12 cents in American currency. The gdp per capita is 100, 818. 50 USD. Norway exported $147B and imported $91.9B.

Norway's Social/ Ethnic Groups

Norway is predominately ethnic Norwegian. There are communities of people of the Sami ethnicity. Primary school in Norway is called Barneskole, then the children go into Ungdomsskole which is lower secondary school, and then into Videregående skole which is upper secondary school. All children from ages 6 to 16 must attend school.

Religion and Language

The official languages of Norway are Norwegian, Bokmål, and Nynorsk. The churches that Norwegians worship at include, The Norwegian Church, Evangelical-Lutheran Church. All religions practiced by Norwegians are supported equally by the government.