The War Of 1812!!!!!

By: Bryce Ditslear

Causes of the war

The main cause of the war was impressment. Impressment was the kidnapping of American sailors by the British. this was a huge issue leading to the war. Ironically, this issue was solved before war was declared, but we didn't know until after we declared war.

Another major cause was the issues with Native Americans and the need for expansion.We wanted to move west, but the British were convincing the Native Americans that they should fight back.The British supplied them with guns and ammunition. Problems also arose when the U.S. wanted to take British controlled Canada.

Finally, Madison had to ask to declare war when a group of radicals known as War Hawks pushed for war. This group was made up of some really powerful people including; Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and John C. Calhoun.

With all of these issues, James Madison was forced to declare war on Britain.

James Madison

James Madison was the president at the time of the War of 1812. He declared war on the British. He did the exact thing Washington had said not to. Madison was a republican and the fourth president of the United States.

effects of the war

One of the biggest effects was the increased of American patriotism. This was extremely helpful because the New England colonies were threatening to secede near the beginning of the war.

The war also weakened the Native American resistance. Because of this, western expansion was a lot easier. More people would be traveling west making the U.S. double in size.

Finally, the U.S. manufacturing grew tremendously. This growth would help the nations economics and give The U.S. the ability to grow into an extremely powerful nation.