Genetics for Dummies

For Dummies Provided by Hunter & Skye

What is the study of Genetics?

The study of Genetics is a branch of Biology that studies heredity.

Who discovered Genetics and how did he do this?

Gregor Mendel is "The Father" of Genetics. He discovered Genetics by using pea plants.

Examples of Genes

Not Genes Examples

The Difference between Dominant & Recessive Alleles.

Dominant: Observed trait of an organism that masks the recessive form of a trait.

Recessive: Trait of an organism that can be masked by the dominant form of a trait.

The Difference Between Heterozygous & Homozygous.

Heterozygous: When there are two different alleles for a trait.

Homozygous: When there are two identical alleles for a trait.

The Difference Between Genotype & Phenotype.

Genotype: Combination of genes in an organism

Phenotype: Outward appearence

Punnett Square

This is a simple cross Punnett Square. A resembles the gene for tallness. a resembles the gene for shortness.

In this example:

- AA (Tall) = 25%

- aa (Short) = 25%

- Aa (Tall) = 50%

Therefore this person will have a 75% chance of being tall & a 25% being short.

What is Incomplete Dominance?

Incomplete dominance is the appearance in a heterozygote of a trait that is intermediate between either of the trait's homozygous phenotypes. -

What is Codominance?

Codominance is the genetics of or pertaining to two different alleles that are fully expressed in a heterozygous individual.

What are Multiple Alleles?

Multiple alleles are a code of DNA that help determine the sex of the infant(s).

Sex Linked Traits

XX = Female

XY = Male