Secret Life of Bees: Chapter 1

By Sue Monk Kid

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Civil Rights

"Today, July second, 1964," he said, "the president of the United States signed the Civil Rights Act into law in the East Room of the White House.." pg 20. - T.V

Rosaleen in this chapter is portrayed as the stand by mother for Lily. When she hears this news she is estatic. She later shows Lily she has been practicing to vote by signing a paper. During this time Civil Rights was on a big movement for change.


"I had the same birthday as the country which made it even harder to get noticed. When I was little, I though people were sending up rockets and cherry bombs because of me- hurray, Lily was born! Then reality set in, like it always did." Pg 21 - Lily

Lily has never really celebrated a birthday since hers is on July 4th. She wanted a braclet for this birthday. Mabey in the future she will get what she wanted.


"...Do you have any idea how smart you are? You could be a professor or a writer with actual books to your credit. Beauty school. Please" Pg 16 Teacher

Lily before this always thought of being something, you needed to be pretty and polpular. But her teacher changed this view. Lily wasn't alowed to read books because T-Ray thought girls should go to college. I think this qoute may forshadow Lily reading or becoming something more with her life.

Aaron Varella 3A 4/10