Kaitlynn's Game of Life

get rekt m8

My college!!

I chose to go to school at Texas Women's Untiversity and got my Masters degree. I was lucky enough to get a few grants and didn't have to pay the entire price to go to college.

My job!!

I have chosen the accountant life! I get about 2,000 dollars a month and about 66,000 dollars a year. Also my 40-year projected wealth is 549,147.2.

My choice of house!!!!!

I have chosen to get a small house where I have to pay 1,400 dollars a month. I originally bought it for 175,000 dollars.


I have chosen the cheapest utilities except for my phone service. It will cost me $549.38 a month for water, gas, Electricity, cable/internet, and phone services Also it will cost me $362.62 dollars to go shopping for all of the things.

What I have done well at!

I think I have done very well at figuring out all the prices for all of the things I need. I didn't need to make any sacrifices to save some money. Also I had a decent amount of luck!

What I have learned!

I have learned that getting grants is very good and that I should have good credit so I don't have to pay the full price of some things. Also I learned that managing your money is the best thing to do in life so you don't have to take as many risks to have or save money that is needed. Taking risks is a good thing, but sometimes if you just make good choices you don't have to take any risks!