The Blood of Olympus

Written by Rick Riordan

Overview of the Playlist

The playlist for The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan. It is the last book, The Hero of Olympus which is where they have to stop the earth god at the last attempt.

I've selected songs that are dramatic because of how intense and captivating this book is.

Song 1: " Human" by Krewella

When Jason and piper and Frank go and find Delphi on a island to help save apollo from zeus wrath and for help against the earth goddess which when they find her everything goes wrong and only frank can save them.

Song 2:" Be somebody" Thousand Foot Krutch

With Jason getting stabbed during his battle with all the roman and different warriors, he gets stabbed by Verus which he can see through deception, while Jason see's his mother he questions everything and starts to wonder and forget what to do. With Juno still messing with his mind, he thinks what he really is there for and how things will go with Piper.

Song 3:"The Scientist" By Coldplay


When Renea and Nico have to travel back to the camp to save the the two camps from fighting. They have gone by shadow travel and Nico is using so much of his life force that he turning into a ghost and while Renea is sacred for him he try to pull the impossible with a last jump with a few days to go.

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Song 4"untraveled Road" Thousand Foot Krutch

So with the ending and Gaea waking and only the way to defeat her is through fire or storm Piper uses her most powerful voice she ever used she utters a single word "Sleep" with that all the giants and all the enemies went to sleep. Leo with the end of it grabbing the earth goddess and taking her to the sky he takes a road that no one can take.