Ms. Bedsole's Homeroom Update

5th Grade, Room 312

Important Information

I cannot believe that this is already the 4th week of the 2nd nine weeks. Which means that Progress Reports will be going home on December 3rd, the week we get back from Fall Break.

Please keep in mind that Progress Reports are strictly to let you and your child know how they are progressing so far for this nine weeks.

I had all students log into ProgressBook last week and check their grades. It was amazing how many students had never logged in to look. I am encouraging that all students check once a week to ensure that they are taking responsibility for their own learning. If you could help me at home on this, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

I hope that you all enjoy your week off, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ms. Bedsole

Favorite Day!

A small paper was sent home yesterday talking about our Favorite Day on Friday, November 21st.

Students were asking if they could bring in sweets, and different kinds of food. We talked about how that would be okay, as long as it is store bought. The students will have time to share their favorite food (probably around lunch time), and play their favorite games. We will also have a craft time as well.

Please know that you are not required to send in any food. Students should be bringing in/getting their normal lunches that day, we will just have a few extra snacks/sweet treats if they are sent in.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Upcoming Events

11/19 - Elementary School Teach-In
11/19 - Volleyball Game vs. Conway - Home

11/24 - 11/28 - No School - Thanksgiving Break

12/01 - 12/12 - Holiday Food Drive

12/05 - Action Sports Bike Show

12/09 - 12/12 - Holiday Gift Shop

12/09 - Chorus Concert

12/10 - Barnes and Noble Book Fair

12/11 - Holiday Orchestra Concert

12/15 - Band Concert

12/22 - 1/2 Winter Break