WPBA 8/24/15

Hello GLC Athletes!

We are smack dab in the middle of another week, and there is a lot going on at the gym. Be sure to watch the videos below, and be sure to comment or like the page. Please make sure to remind others about the WPBA as well. We have a few who read each and every week without fail, and we have those who aren't in the habit yet. Thanks for reading/watching and for helping us encourage others to do the same!

Mobility Session

This Saturday is the next mobility session on the schedule. Unless you are already a contortionist it is most strongly suggested that you make it for this. People that come to the 9am session can stick around and eat something (if you bring something), and the 10am session can jump right in after the WOD. We had 4 people stay last week, and it appeared to have made some difference. Everyone needs this, so let's get in there to loosen up!

Welcome New Member!

Sarah and Jason are the newest addition to our GLC crew! Be sure to give them a warm welcome when you see him at the gym!

September's GLC connect event

Another great reason to find out who Sarah and Jason are is to not miss who's home we'll be having the next event! Sarah and Jason have offered to host the next event where we'll be enjoying an end of summer bonfire gathering. September 19th, Saturday. The exact time still needs to be determined, but let's make plans to be there. We'll have another pot luck still feeding frenzy, and you may bring a special beverage of your choice. I hope to see you all there!

Gymnastics Skill Development Work

Let's not "forget" to do our gymnastics skill work so that we can perform these movements more effectively. When you come in pick up your folder and get right to work. What do you need to do? Watch the video for instructions.

Bring a friend who joins, and get $50!

Want to see how easy it can be to invite new people to GLC? Check out our short skit for idea #1!
CrossFit Invitations #1