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Welcome to A New School Year!

As a new or returning family to the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District, welcome! Our staff worked diligently to prepare for the new school year and set the tone for a positive start - classrooms are gleaming, grounds are well tended, and everyone is learning and growing! During the last three years our students have demonstrated unprecedented academic growth ... the highest in San Diego County among comprehensive school districts! We fully intend to maintain that momentum, and support the academic, physical, social and emotional growth of every student in our district. The FUESD Curriculum Corner is published to provide parents and community members with information and insights into the district's exemplary instructional program.


This is the second year of our district's full implementation of the new , more rigorous academic standards in Mathematics. FUESD has partnered with the University of California, Irvine (UCI) Math Project to support all of our teachers in grades K-8 with training and professional development. Each grade level will work with UCI during the year to develop math units that focus on procedural fluency (math facts), conceptual understanding and problem solving.

What is the teaching and learning focus in mathematics for each grade level?

  • K-2: Addition and subtraction - concepts, skills, and problem solving, place value
  • 3-5: Multiplication and division of whole numbers and fractions - concepts, skills, and problem solving
  • 6: Ratios and proportional relationships; early expressions and equations
  • 7: Ratios and proportional relationships; arithmetic of rational numbers
  • 8: Linear algebra and linear functions

This year the FUESD Mathematics Curriculum Adoption Committee will pilot new instructional materials in Grades K-8. Two programs have been selected at both the elementary and middle school levels. Approximately 30 FUESD teachers will participate in the pilot. The committee will likely recommend the adoption of new mathematics curricula to the Governing Board in the Spring, 2015 for purchase, funding permitting.

For a look at what our TK and Grade 1 students are doing with MathRacks, click on the videos below!

TK Math Rack
Alison Math Racks

English Language Arts/Literacy

This is the initial implementation year of the California Common Core English Language Arts standards in FUESD. There are five major shifts from the previous standards:

Shift 1: Focus on reading and writing to inform, persuade, and convey experiences

Classroom application: Your student will experience an increase in informational text to improve their content knowledge.

Shift 2: Focus on text complexity

Classroom application: Students will develop increased capacity to understand more complex text over time

Shift 3: Focus on speaking and listening

Classroom application: Speaking and listening are closely related to a student's progress in reading and writing. ELA units integrate more speaking and listening opportunities into daily lessons

Shift 4: Focus on text-based evidence for argumentation

Classroom application: In Grades K-5, students will learn opinion through persuasive writing and speech

In Grades 6-12 students will work with opinion through argumentation and rhetorical writing

Shift 5: Focus on academic vocabulary and language

Classroom application: Students will learn vocabulary and language throughout the day, not through isolated wordlists, but for conceptual understanding

The reading of literature still has a strong and important place in the ELA standards. For example, in Grade 4 the distribution of Literary and Informational Passages is 50% for each text type.

California Common Core State Standards Resources

For more information about the California Common Core State Standards, click on the link to the FUESD website homepage, California Common Core for Parents link.