The Lion, The Witch, And Wardrobe

IR Project


Summary of "The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe."


The theme of this story is that you should make sure someone is a lair before accusing them of being a lair.



  • Kind
  • Youngest
  • Girl


  • Good, But Mean
  • 2nd Youngest
  • Boy


  • Kind
  • Girl


  • Brave
  • Boy


Some are good and some are evil.


  • Old
  • Man

Point of View

The story is in third person omniscient.

Example: "Looking into the inside, she saw several coats hanging up-mostly long fur coats." It has nothing like mes or Is and isn't being narrated by a character from the book.

Example Dialogue

I chose this dialogue from the text because it shows how Edmund can be mean and shows characterization.

Figurative Language

Here are two examples of figurative language from the text:

Sensory Language: Sight: "light also became green." Its important because it shows that The White Witch's magic is becoming weaker.

Metaphor: "and you are all beasts, beasts." Its important because it shows that Lucy is upset with the because they won't believe that she found a place called Narnia in the wardrobe.