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Rejoice in this Season of Easter

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From the Principal's Desk

Happy Easter to all our Sacred Heart Families.

As we return from break we continue our celebration of our Lord's resurrection! Easter is not a day, but a season of 50 days. The octave is eight days of high celebration beginning on Easter Sunday and followed by 42 more days of rejoicing, concluding on Pentecost. Below you will find a list of special activities for the week to help us highlight the Octave celebration. You will also find information on activities for the Domestic Church in April and a recipe for Resurrection Cookies!

I wish you a blessed week!

In Christ,

Mr. C


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Please note that the Dress Up Day is not a grub day and students should either dress up or should wear their school uniform. Skirts must be appropriate length and if shorts are worn they are to be uniform or dress shorts.

Per the handbook dress up guidelines are as follows:

The dress code for dress–up days is as follows: In general, dress-up means “Sunday best.” No tennis shoes or flip-flops are allowed. Dress capris 22 for girls and dress shorts for boys, are allowed through October 31 and after Spring Break. No baseball hats, jeans, short skirts, or shorts, unless they are dress shorts for boys

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Beginning Tuesday Students May Wear Uniform Shorts.

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Mr. C Challenge

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