5 Accomplishments of Civilizations

Arianna, Brenna, Madison, Alex

5 - Government

Government is number five on our list. More opportunities opened for jobs since there was a food surplus, leading into jobs of the government. There came priesthood, kings, dukes, duchess and many more. Government gave structure to the people in the civilization once the population increased.

4 - Language

Language is number four after government. After you have multiple types of jobs you need to have a way to communicate throughout the civilization. Before you can have a government you have to have a way to organize what you are trying to say and make and easier way to communicate for your government to be strong. Language also helped with trade as well since they can spread their language to other regions of the world.

3 - Specialized Jobs

Specialized Jobs is number three because farmers would produce more food that would be consumed so that meant not everyone had to be a farmer. That caused the development of priests and warrior jobs leading to the advancement of civilizations. Specialized jobs were created to produce more necessities such as clothing or weapons. The food surpluses supported those who wanted to fulfill a full time job in other areas.

2 - Trade

Trade is number two because after agriculture created the first civilizations, through trade it help spread the idea of civilization to other parts of the world. Once other parts of the world learned about the rise of civilizations this caused other civilizations to rise creating other cultures. In Mesopotamia through trade contacts the idea of civilizations spread to Indus River Valley.

1 - Agriculture

Agriculture is number one because civilizations came about because of agriculture as there was enough food to feed a large amount of people, so the populations grew. Farmers built canals which stored rainwater and carry water to their fields. The first civilization, Mesopotamia, started formed by river valleys that had fertile soil which encouraged agricultural yields that built their civilizations.