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Week of May 15, 2016

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May 15, 2016

Dear Team,

Please read the blog post on the link above entitled, "How to Make It to the End of the School Year". Every staff member will connect to this post in some way. This part has been resonating in my mind for several days:

Pull each other forward, friends. We’re going to need each other in the coming days. For we can’t expect the world out there to know what this is like, but we should expect support, encouragement and a magnetic pull of excellence from our PLN and colleagues to finish this year in awesome ways.

The weeks ahead are sure to be filled with memory-making experiences. One of the first will be our basketball game this Thursday night at The Cage Fieldhouse. Big thanks to Rebecca, Andrew, and Jennifer who have helped our student leadership team with the planning and organizing of this event. Without their help, this wonderful event for such a great cause would not be taking place!

Staff Survey

As the school year winds down, I am already thinking forward to next year. Reflecting on these past 9 months has helped me to consider areas of strength and areas where I need to improve. I am hopeful that each team member will take a few minutes to complete the survey on THIS LINK. Your feedback is important to me. Thank you.


We are finally in the home stretch of MSTEP testing. Our 4th grade students will finish testing this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This means our kindergarten and 4th grade classes will switch specials on those days. All 4th grade make up testing will be completed on Friday. Thank you to everyone for making the best out of these past five weeks!

The week ahead...

Monday, May 16

  • I will be out Monday afternoon to attend a leadership meeting.
  • Join #COLchat at 9PM.

Thursday, May 19

Saturday, May 21

  • Relay for Life Walk at Flushing High School- Come join Team Morrish for some exercise and FUN! The event begins at 11:00 AM and ends at 11:00 PM. Stop by any time!

Coming Soon...

  • Wednesday, May 25: Staff Meeting & wrap up of TLIM book study

    Chapters 9 & 10 (Keeping It Alive and Ending With the Beginning In Mind) lead by Jennifer, Liz, & Ranae

  • Thursday, May 26th: Grandparents/Grandfriends' Day 1:00-3:00

Have a great week!


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Swartz Creek Community Schools

MISSION: Swartz Creek Community Schools inspires our learners to embrace challenges, set goals, grow their talents, and realize their dreams for success in a global society.

VISION: Swartz Creek Community Schools provides a world class education through innovative experiences while developing the unique talents of our learners.

- We believe in a culture of learning.
- We believe that student learning should be the primary goal for all decisions made affecting the school district.
- We believe the climate and culture of the school is engaging, nurturing, challenging, and inspires students to express their personal ideas.
- We believe curriculum is integrated, differentiated, meaningful, and pertinent to life.
- We believe in culturally relevant education that provides the knowledge and skills to meet the global challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.
- We believe in continuous improvement informed by critical evaluation and reflection.
- We believe expanding technologies enrich how teachers teach and students learn.
- We believe in building relationships and sharing resources with our community, parents, and staff members.