Eric Greitens

BY: Noah Brackin

Important Childhood Events

Eric Greitens He was an Angier B. Duke Scholar at Duke University, where he studied ethics, philosophy, and public policy. People describe him as someone you could look upon and say, that's my role model.

Eric Greitens

Eric Greitens was born and raised in Missouri, where he was educated in public schools. His doctoral thesis, Children First, investigated how international humanitarian organizations can best serve war-affected children. He has worked as a humanitarian volunteer, documentary photographer, and researcher in Rwanda, Cambodia, Albania, Mexico, India, Bosnia, and Bolivia.

Eric also served as a United States Navy SEAL officer and deployed four times during the Global War on Terrorism to Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, the Horn of Africa, and Iraq. He served as the Commander of a Mark V Special Operations Craft Detachment, Commander of a Joint Special Operations Task Unit, and Commander of an al Qaeda Targeting Cell

Inherited Elements

His inherited elements would be his courageous attitude to things. Nothing can get in his way that he can't do or complete. Also, he knows kindness and perseverance. He has a black belt in Taekwondo, which shows that he is capable to take any challenge. Hes strong and wont give up with out a fight. All these leader traits affected others by showing them that he is a good roll model for people to look up to.

Traits We Share

Some of the traits we share would be respawnsability, because i teach martial arts and i have to teach people and kids how to defend themselfs against bullies and if push comes to shove to fight to protect themselfs. Another trait we share would be perseverance. I have to persever everyday no matter what happens. One trait that i would use in my future would probably be not giving up with out a fight. That would help me dramaticly with test or anything that actually takes effert to do something.
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Why I Want To Follow?

The reason why i want to follow Eric is because he shows that he will do what ever he is put up to or against. Also, its because hes a couragous leader because he understands what people are looking for and wanting in the world.

Qualitys Needed To Become A Leader!

1. Honesty

2. Kindness

3. Respect

4. Intelligents

5. Bravery

6. Reliable