Welcome to Mrs. Goodman's Classroom


Welcome! I'm so excited to have you in my class this year! If you ever have any questions, always look here or contact me.

Contact Me

Name: Margaret Goodman

Email: educmarggood@gmail.com

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

About Me

I am Ms. Goodman and I will be your teacher this year. I am a graduate of Indiana University class of 2019 from the School of Education. I am a history and language teacher. I am originally from Albertson, New York but spent my college years in the Midwest. I hope that my class will engage you and that it will deepen your love for learning.


Attitude: I only accept positive, determined attitudes in my classroom. I want our classroom to be an accepting place for all members of the class.

Attendance: It is always important to attend class. If you are not in class, you are missing the lesson for the day. If you are sick, contact me and we will set something up so that you can get caught up.

Homework: I will randomly collect 15 homework assignments each quarter. If homework is not collected, there is a chance for a homework quiz to be administered.

Tests and Quizzes: There will be tests on the major units and quizzes about every two weeks. Tests are out of 100 points and quizzes are out of 25. Homework quizzes are worth between 5 and 10 points depending on the length of the homework assignment.

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