Lins' Updates

Week of January 4th to January 8th

Buddies Project

Buddy Project

Before break our 5th grade class teamed up with Ms. Gustin's second grade class to do a holiday project -- some winter penguins! Using handprints they worked together to create some penguins which are now displayed outside of the IMC! Stop by and check them out! :)

Happy New Year!!

I've been very pleased and happy to see how well the students have re-adjusted coming back from break! We reviewed our classroom expectations on Monday and so far everyone has been on their best behavior. I am so thankful to have such a respectful and responsible classroom -- thank you parents and families for all that YOU do at home to help make that happen!! :)

Reader's Workshop / Literacy

This week we've launched into a new unit of historical fiction. Our new read-aloud is Where the Red Fern Grows (one of my favorites!!) and we've explored several different books about the civil rights movement in reading. Some reading groups are also expanding their reading with books like The Bus Ride, Sounder, and A Single Shard.

In correlation with this new reading unit is learning to write in a new format in writing -- Graphic Novels! The students are being challenged and asked to write a graphic novel (3 -5 boxes) about a civil rights events and how people collaborated to make a change. This could include sit-ins, bus boycotts, March on Selma, Jim Crow Laws, etc. Stay tuned for updates and pictures are students start drafting out their graphic novels! :)

Unit 5 - Fractions!

Our focus this week has been on finding equivalent fractions, changing from improper to mixed fractions and different methods to change from a fraction to a decimal. We have also finished up our Quarter 2 addition and subtraction checks. It is also planned to have our Unit 5 test on Wednesday, January 13th (finishing up on January 14th before the end of quarter!). This test will focus on the following ideas:

*finding equivalent fractions

*adding fractions using pictures and numbers

*change from improper to mixed fractions

*finding simplest form

*converting fractions to decimals

Please let me know if you have questions about the above topics -- this has been a challenging unit and we've really had to practice and refine our fact skills!

Next Thursday we will be testing our multiplication and division fact checks.


Winter Weather!

Winter weather is here and unless the temperature and wind chill is too severe, or it is raining, students will still be expected to go outside before school and during recess. With that said, please be sure to remind your child to bring coats, gloves, boots, snow pants, hats, etc. so they are prepared to be outside. Hiding out in the bathroom and hallways during these break time is not acceptable! Thank you for your help with this!

Germ Patrol Needs Help!

Germ season is upon us -- Ok, we're in school, so germ season is always here :)-- but our classroom is trying our best to stay germ-free, and healthy! This includes hand-sanitizing before snack as well as keeping our hands clean after using tissues. We try hard to keep the desks, door handles, and tables wiped down to keep germs to a minimum! However, we are running low on Lysol/Clorox wipes! If anyone will willing to donate germ wipes or hand-santizer, we would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!

Important Dates to Remember

Wednesday, January 13th - Unit 5 Math Test!

Thursday, January 14th - LAST DAY TO RE-TAKE MAP TESTS!!

Friday, January 15th -- NO SCHOOL -- End of Quarter 2!!

Thursday, February 4th and Tuesday, February 9th -- Parent Teacher Conferences