January 2016

San Onofre School News- Principal Mrs. Lillian Perez

Welcome Back, to San Onofre School, We Missed You!!

Dear Parents,

As we return to the school we would like to remind you of some very important Safety Requests. During Arrival and Dismissal of our students, we ask parents to:

1- Car Riders- Wait patiently in the car line and adhere to the 1-3 mph school speed.

2- Walkers- Parents who are walking to school to wait on the south side lawn and leave the lawn in front of the office for our students/staff only.

3- Early Pick-up- Please try to make prior arrangements, we can't guarantee we can get a message to students when we have several parents arriving a few minutes prior to dismissal to check their child out.

4- Sick Children- In December we had several students arrive to school with a fever or severe cold/cough. We cannot send students to after school programs when they are ill and we cannot have students in class when they are ill. Please help us keep our students health by keeping them home when they are running a fever, doctors recommend students staying home and resting 24 hours after a fever.

Instructional Focus at San Onofre School

As we get ready to send out our mid-trimester progress reports, we are also continuing to enhance our test taking skills for the Californina Assessment of Student Performance and Planning CAASPP. Parents you can log onto the CAASPP website on http://www.caaspp.org/ or go to our school website to take a practice test or have your child take a practice test. The new State Testing format is so different in format and 100% online so we are giving our children as much exposure as possible.

When you log on to the CAASPP Website you click on the Practice and Training Tests and you can create your own username and accout to take the practice test, 3rd-8th grade are our testing grades!!!

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Winter Break Ideas

  • Read for pleasure. Whether your child is in the mood for holiday stories like The Night Before Christmas or the newest installment from his favorite series, winter break provides the perfect opportunity to stash schoolbooks and read for fun. Encourage relatives to give books as holiday gifts or gather in front of the fire (big kids too!) to take turns reading from classic tales.
  • Cook up an easy lesson. Invite your child into the kitchen to help you whip up a special dish — from Christmas cookies to potato pancakes. All of those half-tablespoon and quarter-cup measurements are great practice with fractions.
  • Write thank-you notes. Penning notes of appreciation to gift-givers teaches gratitude and helps polish writing and spelling skills. Not sure what to say? Check out our thank-you note template for wording. One final tip: a mug of hot cocoa can make this task feel more festive!
  • Make the most of car rides. Turn the drive to or from a holiday get-together into an opportunity to practice letters and numbers. You can look for license plates from different states, try to find the alphabet on the license plates, or count the number of red (or white or green) cars you see.
  • Maintain reasonable bedtimes. With no school to get up for in the morning, it can be tempting to let kids become night owls. A few days before school starts up again, ease back into the regular bedtime schedule so your child can start the year bright-eyed.
  • Ask for grocery list assistance. Have your child help choose what to buy, decide how much you need, check your supplies to see what you've already got, write or draw pictures on the list, and sort coupons.
  • Let kids help with online shopping. Need a last-minute gift for Grandma or Uncle Joe? Log onto your favorite shopping sites and let your child help you select presents. This helps children work on their computer and research skills.
  • Have a family game night. Chances are many of your family's favorite board and card games reinforce skills such as counting, reading, and drawing. Gather the group to play games you usually don't have time for on school nights.

Important Dates for January 2016

January 8- Mid-Trimester Progress Monitoring Reports Due

January 14- LIM Family Nights at San Onofre

January 18- Martin Luther King Day- no school

February 15-19 President's Days and Non-School Days