by Laurie Halse Anderson

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Think of your freshman year, what was it like?

Well for Melinda, she starts freshman year off as an outcast. She gets made fun of, she's not wearing the right clothes, and she has the wrong attitude. Along with all that her ex-best friend, Rachel Bruin, keeps ignoring her and giving her a hard time. If there is anyone that Melinda would tell the truth to about what really happened the night of the outrageous party, it you would be her. Its just the actual talking that's the problem.

"'you've been through a lot haven't you?'...'Let me tell you about it.'"

Big Social Problems in Todays world

Many girls today get bullied and abused. Not only do they have to live with it at home but they also have to go through school. Just imagine something happened to you that is not only embarrassing but is harmful to you, then not being able to tell anyone about it and going on with your life as if nothing happened.

Laurie Halse Anderson's novel Speak tells us about how bad this problem really is and shows us that there is a way to get through it. Her book takes us into Melinda's life and her problems.

speak reviews

Anderson’s words often seem gleaned directly from a confused teenager’s soul.


“The book's overall gritty realism and Melinda's hard-won metamorphosis will leave readers touched and inspired.’” —Publishers Weekly

“Melinda's sarcastic wit, honesty, and courage make her a memorable character whose ultimate triumph will inspire and empower readers.” — Booklist *Starred Review*

Kristin Stewarts opinion of Speak

"When I got cast for the movie Speak, I had to read the script and the book. I must say that Laurie Halse Anderson did an amazing job with this book and she made me see a whole different perspective. I suggest that you read the book and get to know Melinda's story."- Kristin Stewart
Interview on Speak
Laurie Halse Anderson talking to us about how she came up the storyline of Speak and her success afterwards.

Laurie Halse Anderson- the author of Speak, Wintergirls, and more

Dont be the last person to go to your local bookstore and grab speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

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