Quarter 4 Week 8

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Assignment # 1

Preparing for Outdoor Adventures

Before you get started learning about outdoor safety measures, take a few moments to list what you already know — or think you know — about the necessary precautions to take when adventuring outdoors. This is a brainstorm, so there are no right or wrong answers

1. list your ideas

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Assignment # 2

Practice Assignment

Physical Education Core (S3207165)

You will choose a weekend activity and plan it accordingly in this practice. Assume you will be gone for two days and two nights.

Answer the following questions based on what you have learned.

Weekend activity:

1. What preparation does the activity involve? Be specific. For instance, where are you going? Who will you tell where you're going? How will you get there? Et cetera. (5 points)

2. In addition to the Ten Essentials, what supplies and provisions does this specific activity require? (5 points)

3. How many people will go? What will the division of responsibility be? (Who brings what, cooks what, and so on?) (5 points)

4. What safety precautions should you be prepared to take? For instance, will you be in bear country? Is the weather uncertain? Be specific. (5 points)

5. What will you do during the day? Give a rough itinerary and schedule for each day. (10 points)

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Being Adventurous, Safely

It's better to bring too much than too little.

A little planning and forethought before a trip to the great outdoors — coupled with a lot of awareness and common sense when in the wilderness — goes a long way toward keeping adventures safe.

Having the right gear and knowing how to use it can make the difference between a great experience and a miserable one. Knowing how to deal with situations as they arise will also help you keep your cool and make the right decisions. With the right outdoor equipment, both material and mental, a potentially life-threatening situation can be nothing more than the makings of a great story for future telling

Being adventurous questions

Assignment # 3

1. How important is planning and preparation ?

2. What are the advantages of being prepared ?

3. Assume your going camping for the weekend ... make a list of your preparation !!

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Your adventure

Assignment # 4

Pick and outdoor activity that you never considered of participating in. Google that activity and write a paragraph about your choice. Then write a second paragraph on the preparation necessary to be safe and enjoy your activity