North Side Family Flyer

August 2019


It takes a raise a child!

Parents and guardians,

Please partner with us to support your children and their learning:

1) Get to know your child's teacher and the North Side staff.

2) Join the school PTO and volunteer and attend school events.

3) Talk to your child about school and how their days are going. Be specific and ask things like, what did you learn in math today? or Who did you play with at recess?

4) Ask how your child is doing in class - how can you support them at home?

5) Make sure your child gets their homework completed each night. Show that you think it is important.

6) Display a positive attitude about education and North Side.

7) If you have concerns, please call, e-mail or come in to meet with the teacher and other staff.

8) Limit video games, electronics, etc.... at home and push more physical activity, board games and reading for enjoyment.

9) Encourage your child to be an active participant in their learning and responsibility for their learning!

10) MOST IMPORTANTLY - stay in constant communication with your child's teacher! Teamwork!!!!!!

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Our School-Wide Expectations: ROARS

Students will learn about how they can model ROARS behavior within our school setting. Students earn ROARS tickets for displaying this behavior which they use to purchase items at our school store.

Talk with your child about these important character traits! Students who model great ROARS behavior each month will participate in the monthly ROARS reward. At the end of each trimester, we will also take a group of students off-campus for a fun field trip when they model ROARS behavior, have completed all work on time with effort and have good attendance.



Doors Open/Breakfast – 8:15

(Grab-n-Go Breakfast if arrive after 8:35)

School Starts - 8:45

School Ends - 2:40 (bell rings)

Tuesday - Friday

Doors Open/Breakfast – 7:30

(Grab-n-Go Breakfast if arrive after 7:50)

School Starts – 8:00

School Ends – 2:40 (bell rings)

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One of our "Lunch Bunch" groups last school year!



Students cannot learn if they are not present in school or on time! Please support school attendance and make sure your child is in school every day at 7:45 a.m.

Of course, children get sick and may need to stay home from school. Please ask for a doctor's note and bring it into the school. We have a strict attendance policy that supports the state mandates!

When students are in school, they will earn an attendance ticket. This ticket gets entered into a drawing that happens each month. Each month, ten students will be chosen from the attendance box to participate in that month's "Lunch Bunch" with the administrators. They will eat pizza, cookies, chips and drinks with the administrators. More attendance incentives are coming soon!

Counseling Corner with Miss Headley:

Please reach out to me with student concerns involving their social and emotional well-being! I am here to help and support!

(260) 347-1354 or

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures For Student Safety:

For student safety, please:

1. Drop off by car in morning at door 3

2. Pick up by car in afternoon at door 3

3. Bus drop off and pick up is at door 1, students should not walk between busses to go in or out of door 1

4. Please have your car tag visible when picking up students in car line. If you need a car

tag, please visit our front office.

5. PLEASE DO NOT walk between busses to pick up a student or drop a student off at school.

6. ALL end of day changes for students way home, must be called in to the front office by 1:30 p.m. If called in later, we can not guarantee the change will be made. Again, this deadline is for the safety of your child(ren)!

7. All walkers will be dismissed after the busses leave the school and ALL students will exit out the front door, Door 1, to head towards the crossing guard or to our staff who will cross students in front of the car line exit.

Upcoming PTO Events:

Join us for our first PTO Meeting on Tuesday, August 13th at 3:30 p.m.

NS Merchandise Sale (will be able to purchases online) – Coming Soon!!!!

Book Fair – September 16-20

Upcoming North Side Events:

August 7th - Board Meeting, 6 p.m. at ENCO

August 20th - School Pictures

August 21st - Board Meeting, 6 p.m. at ENMS

August 30th - First monthly ROARS reward for students who model ROARS all month