Madison Deines, Bradley Boyer, Jillian Wolford

Story of Cygnus

Cygnus's brother, Phaethon fell out of a chariot. Phaethon fell into river Erideous. Cygnus repeatedly dove in to try to save his brother. In mercy, the gods turned Cygnus into a swan.


There are many star clusters in Cygnus. M39 is an open cluster. It is 950 light years away. You can see it with a unaided eye, it has 30 stars. Another star cluster is called NGC 6910. Also known as the rocking horse. It has 16 stars in it. The brightest star in Cygnus is called Deneb. It is visible in Summer and Autumn. Cygnus was the 48th constellation listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy. The constellation remains one of the 88th constellations.


There are many extrasolar planets. Like HAT-P-7b and the most notable one being Kepler-6b. There 57 stars with planets. Cygnus is a northern star in the milky way.