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The Greek and the Turkish had different views on many topics such as politics, but the Turkish were the first to attack. They did not want to share political ties and powers with the Greek and soon started using guerrilla warfare until the UN went and separated the two feuding ethnicities.


The Turkish Cypriots believe that they are the rightful owners of Cyprus while the Greek believe that they are. Their political and social customs are very different

the manifestation of the crime

The Turkish have been using guerrilla warfare to take control of the city. There has been much open violence, but now the Greek Cypriots have stopped trying to get the Turks out of their land. During the first 10-15 years of this conflict there was much open violence, but later, the violence was stopped. There was much bloodshed, but after the UN interfered, the amount of civilian life lost was much less. Almost the whole country was troubled by this especially those in the capital because many had to move across the division. The Turks and people of the UN were also troubled by this.

The division of the land

The spatial division

The United Nations has taken charge of this conflict and has located all the Greek Cypriots to the southern portion of Cyprus leaving the northern tip to the Turkish Cypriots. Currently, half of the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, is under Turkish rule while the other half is in the control of Cyprus, making it the only divided capital in the world.

The Divided Capital

Cyprus is home to the only divided capital in the world. This division is caused directly by the conflict between the Greek and Turks. Although the capital of Cyprus is rightfully the property of Cyprus, the Turkish have invaded the region and do not let citizens in without a passport.

For how long?

The Greek and the Turkish people had been fighting for ages before they inhabited Cyprus. This was called the Greco-Turkish war. (1919-1922) However, in 1974, The Greeks were invaded upon by the Turkish.