The Impossible Task

by Ben K and Darryl A

Learning about Jason

Hi guys,BAD4029 back with another inside story.So last weeks inside story was really cool but today will be better I promise.Because today I am here with Jason! But not just any Jason the one that stole the Golden fleece and killed all the of those monsters.

BAD4029:Hello Jason

Jason:Hello BAD4029

BAD4029: So Jason lets cut to the chase.What emotions were you feeling when you helped that old lady.

Jason:Well I was feeling to mad at first to help her,but then I remebered my teachings and I felt bad for her so I did my best to help her cross the river.

BAD4029:Then it turned out to be Athena right?

Jason:Yes that is correct,then to my surprise she gave me all of the wisdom and help she could give.

BAD4029:When you were told to get the golden fleece were you scared at all.

Jason:No not one bit because I would do anything to avenge my father and take back the throne.

BAD4029:When you got the instuructions from the tree of Athena what went through your mind.

Jason:I was not confused or worried at all because it was very clear.

BAD4029: What did you feel when you versed the harpies?

Jason: I felt nervous before I killed one, then I saw their weakness.

BAD4029: Did your ship get damaged when you went through the Clashing Cliffs?

Jason: I don't think my ship got damaged during the time went though.

BAD4029: Did you run into anyone that was royal?

Jason: I did. I ran into Bebryus the son of Poseiden.

BAD4029: Did you verus any armies of some sort?

Jason: Yes, I fought a skeleton army.

BAD4029: What did you do when you got to the dragon?

Jason: Medea put a potion on its eyes and it fell asleep.

BAD4029: What did you do when you got back home?

Jason: I showed that I had the fleece and my dad got back in control.

BAD4029: Thanks for coming.

Jason: Anytime for my pals.

Summary of Jason

Jason finds out he is the son of a king that was captured by his brother.He helps Hera (dressed as an old woman) cross the river and receives her help at any time on his quest.He sets out on his ship the argo to get the golden fleece with people such as Hercules and Atalanta.

Then he runs into Bebryces the son of Poseidon and gets challenged to a boxing match.He passed through the Clashing cliffs by following birds. Then he fought king Aeetes soldiers outnumbered 12 to one hundred.Still they managed to pull through and kill all the warriors.Then he meets Princess Medea.Pelias let Jason’s dad go hand him the crown and Jason and Medea were married.All along the way Jason fought Harpies, a wild boar, fire-breathing bulls, sirens, Syclla, Charybids, and a restless dragon.Just to get the Golden Fleece.


Similarways they are related

1. They both accomplished something that was done first


1.Jason got the fleece.

2. Neil landed on the moon first.

3.Neil lived in the U.S.A.

4.Jason lived in Greek.

5.Jason was a warrior.

6.Neil was an astronaut.