Renaissance Revival

Academics, Attitude, Action --- August 9, 2019

Renaissance Mission Statement

"Our mission is to help students identify and learn how to cope and overcome their academic and behavioral challenges in order to become productive and responsible members within Warren Township school population and community at large."


"I never lose. I either WIN or Learn." Nelson Mandela

Daily Schedule

Renaissance Start and End Time for 2019-2020: 8:55-3:55

Daily Schedule By Grade:

6th-8th Grade Boys 8:55-12:25

6th-8th Grade Girls 12:25-3:55

9th Grade Students 12:25-3:55

10th Grade Students 12:25-3:55

11th/12th Graders 8:55-3:55

School Calendar

Please find below link that will allow you access to the most up-to-date MSD Warren Township School Calendar.

Picture Day --Lifetouch Pictures

Monday, Aug. 12th, 9am-2pm

8931 East 30th Street

Indianapolis, IN

All students will have the opportunity to have their pictures taken Monday, August 12th. Pictures taken will be used to create student's ID. If student's opt out of pictures we will not be able to provide students with an ID. ID are required to get into some Warren Township functions. Please come dressed appropriately as student not appropriately dressed will not have pictures taken!

Back To School Night

Thursday, Aug. 15th, 6-8pm

8931 East 30th Street

Indianapolis, IN

We can't wait to see you at Back To School Night! You will have a chance to meet your student's teachers and administrators. We will also hold important grade level meetings. Seniors and their parents are especially encouraged to attend as you will have a chance to meet with your student's counselor and discuss requirements for graduation! Hope to see you there!

Middle School Meeting 6:30-7:00pm

Senior Class Meeting 7:00-7:30pm

A Principal's Perspective

Parent Engagement is a shared responsibility. Here at Renaissance we are committed to reaching out to involve parents in meaningful ways and we ask that our parents be just as committed to supporting their student's success.

We hope that we are able to do the following to ensure that our parents are able to stay involved with their student academics.

1. Connect- build positive relationships with parents and making them feel welcome.

2. Engage- provide opportunities for parents to be involved in their student's education.

3. Sustain- keeping parents engaged by identifying challenges that keep parents from being connected and engaged and then work with parents to tailor school events and activities to address those challenges.

Ways Parents Can Engage

1. Ask about your student's school day.

2. Check for homework assignments and upcoming schoolwork. Access students grades, attendance, behavior through the parent portal.

3. Team up with teachers. Email, call, or even stop by and speak with your students.

I look forward to seeing you all Thursday, August 15th at our Back To School Night. You will have a chance to follow your students schedule and meet all of his/her teachers. There will be a special parent meeting for our Seniors and Middle School students. Again, we hope you will join us as we work to keep you informed and engaged about your student's education.

Dean's Corner -- Discussion With The Dean

As we get settled into the school year I want to review a few items that are important for the success of all students.

It is important that all students and parents familiarize themselves with the Student Success Handbook. This will be an important document that will explain or clarify any questions in regards to student rights, district policy, and school expectations. If there are any questions, please feel free to reach to me at your convenience.

I again want to emphasize the importance of attending school on a regular basis. If you are not going to be in school a parent or guardian must call the office in order for it to be excused. It is equally important to arrive on time to school. Tardies will begin to add up and have a negative impact on students’ academic growth.

At the end of each month, we will be recognizing all students that have 96% attendance for that month. Any student that is able to maintain that number for the year will have earned lunch from the Dean.

Finally, please remember we are here to support all of our students in any way possible and to do our very best to put all them in a position to be successful.

Best Regards,

Mr. Z

Counselor Corner -- Conversation With the Counselor

Let's talk about career exploration!

Some of our students are just beginning high school and some are gearing up for life after graduation. No matter what their age, it is very common for high school students to be unsure about what career they may wish to pursue. Did you know that Indiana publishes a list of the most high paying, high demand jobs in the state? This list of INDemand Jobs will allow you to see what's out there! Check out the INDemand Jobs website and search by salary, education and rankings.

Important Dates

Upcoming SAT Registration Deadline:September 6 (for October 5, 2019 test)

SAT registration information

Upcoming ACT Registration Deadline:August 16 (for September 15, 2019 test)

ACT registration information

Reminder: All of our 21st Century Scholars must take the SAT or ACT to claim their scholarship. Please see information below

Social Worker Corner-- Social Work Insight


As we continue are journey towards emotional and social well-being what path should one take to begin with?

Path to improved well being:

Emotional health is an important part of your life. It allows you to realize your full potential. You can work productively and cope with the stresses of everyday life. It helps you work with other people and contribute to society.

It also affects your physical health. Research shows a link between an upbeat mental state and physical signs of good health. These include lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease, and a healthier weight

There are many ways to improve or maintain good emotional health.

Be aware of your emotions and reactions. Notice what in your life makes you sad, frustrated, or angry. Try to address or change those things.

Express your feelings in appropriate ways. Let people close to you know when something is bothering you. Keeping feelings of sadness or anger inside adds to stress. It can cause problems in your relationships and at work or school.

Think before you act. Emotions can be powerful. Give yourself time to think, and be calm before you say or do something you might regret.

Manage stress. Try to change situations causing you stress. Learn relaxation methods to cope with stress. These could include deep breathing, meditation, and exercise.

Strive for balance. Find a healthy balance between work and play and between activity and rest. Make time for things you enjoy. Focus on positive things in your life.

Take care of your physical health. Your physical health can affect your emotional health. Exercise regularly, eat healthy meals, and get enough sleep. Don’t abuse drugs or alcohol.

Connect with others. We are social creatures. We need positive connections with other people. Make a lunch date, join a group, and say hi to strangers.

Find purpose and meaning. Figure out what it is important to you in life, and focus on that. This could be your work, your family, volunteering, caregiving, or something else. Spend your time doing what feels meaningful to you.

Stay positive. Focus on the good things in your life. Forgive yourself for making mistakes, and forgive others. Spend time with healthy, positive people.

Thanks to the entire Renaissance family for all you do to assist our students and support one another.

Team Works Makes The Dream Work

Community Resources:

The Renaissance services are as follows;

Counseling School-Based service programs to assist with social and emotional challenges - Gallahue, Teen parenting and casework services-Marion County Health Department , College Readiness Program and other extracurricular activities offered- The Indianapolis Urban League, and many more community resources and programs to come that will promote, improve and increase social and emotional skills within our Renaissance community.

Senior Student Success

College and Career Planning

Led by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, Learn More Indiana is a partnership of state and local organizations working to help Hoosiers of all ages complete education and training beyond high school. Go to this website and take personality quizzes, research potential careers and educational opportunities, build a resume and more!

Financial Aid Information

Is your student a 21st Century Scholar? Log on to ScholarTrack to check your student's enrollment status, update contact information or check progress on their required ScholarTrack activities.

Financial Aid for Seniors

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) applications are available on October 1, 2019. Stay tuned for information about a FAFSA Completion night at Renaissance when we will go through the application process.

Also, be sure to follow the College and Career Readiness page on twitter for regular updates!


District Information/Updates

Warren Homefest 2019

Warren Homefest 2019 is quickly approaching on Friday, September 6th and we have booth space available for your organizations/businesses.

Please complete the attached form and return to us at if you want to set up a booth for your organization.

Business owners who'd like to showcase their products or services at this year's Homefest, please register. Booth space can still be reserved after August 9th, but it will be $30 per space for anyone that is not a Warren org or club. Informational flyer also attached.

Registration for PAYING booth space ONLY can also be done online. Scroll past the Fun Run registrations to find Vendor Registration and follow the directions. Warren Township Council of PTAs

Warren Township Council of PTAs

The purposes of this council PTA are to unify and strengthen local PTAs/PTSAs comprising the council PTA. The W...

Three Tier Bussing - School Start Times

Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, Warren will be implementing a three-tier transportation schedule. As a result, there are new school start times for our students. These changes will allow us to provide a safer and more efficient transportation experience for our students.

High School (9-12): 7:15 am - 2:20 pm
Elementary School (K-4): 8:05 am - 3:05 pm
Intermediate/Middle School (5-8): 8:55 am - 3:55 pm
Warren Early Childhood Center & Renaissance: 8:55 am - 3:55 pm

Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)

At the May 15, 2019 MSD Warren School Board meeting, the board approved to implement the Community Eligibility Provision to allow all MSD Warren students to have access to free lunch in addition to free breakfast during the school year. This program is available to all students in every MSD Warren school. It is important to note that this program is not related to textbook rental. Families who need textbook rental support will still be required to complete a Textbook Rental application after July 1, 2019. More information can be found on our website.


Contact Information:
MSD of Warren Township:
James Taylor
Director for Student / Social Services
McKinney-Vento District Liaison