Join the Athenians!

By Jaimee Kast

The Athenian Government

Come join the Athenians! You surely will love it! Especially our government! In our democracy all people have a right to participate in their own government! Pretty radical huh!? We also have something that is called The Assembly. The Assembly is a organization that makes the Athenian laws! You have to be at least 18 and you have to be a free male to join!! But if you don't make the requirements for The Assembly, you can join The Council of 500! Any citizen poor or rich can join! In order to join you have to propose the laws that The Assembly votes on. We have 10 generals who lead Greece and thy command the army and navy! You might also see them in the courthouse because they sometimes act as judges!

Athens Economy∑øo

The Athenian economy is based on trade and tourism. Thousands of tourists come to Athens to visit our temples and our schools, and they also come here to spend their money! The tourists also come to Athens to trade, sell or barter. The Athenians trade olive oil, honey and pottery for anything that the person they are trading with has in excess. The port cities are well-kept and the harbors are visited by by many other greek city-states.

You should go visit and see what the whole "trading business" is like!