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Crane Maintenance

Cranes are the huge machines, particularly applied to clear the mess during the construction process. These heavy duty machines are well equipped with cables and ropes that are used for lifting heavy weights and the objects that one can’t imagine to lift manually. The global demand and use of the heavy objects in construction has directly increased the value of the crane maintenance. This is the essential machine not only on the construction site but also in oil mining, machine fabrication and of course maintenance.

But at the same time, working with the crane needs a little care with respect to safety. Carrying excessive weight beyond the crane limit can cause it to collapse and huge accidents can occur. These can be prevented by avoiding lifting the weight beyond the limit of the crane. These monster machines are of great use and should be used carefully and skillfully. We are one of the leading EOT crane manufacturers in India.

The various types:
Truck mounted crane: These cranes have a great advantage that they don’t require any extra vehicle for the transportation purpose as it is already mounted with the truck. The latest device of such type of the boom has radio control for the better control over the machine.
Crawler: The boom has undercarriage with wheels. This provides stability and mobility to the machine. Since this is stable, they can be utilized to load heavy loads in any sort of work area. This machine is the expensive ever crane and thus unaffordable.
All-Terrain: This type of the crane is ideal for any type of location. This can be used both for the industrial purpose, road construction and also off-road construction.

These are used according to the work and the location. The different capacities are from 1.5 ton to 50 ton and more.
The world’s largest crane: LTL-2600 Transi-Lift. It can reach 460 feet and the maximum limit is 700 feet to lift 2,600 tons as the name also says, without any technical problem.
The world’s strongest crane: Leibherr LTM 11200-9.1 is the most powerful truck-mounted equipment. It can reach 558 feet, with the maximum lifting capacity of 1,330 tons. The machine is utilized for the construction of wind turbine.

The main uses are:
Construction:The monster machines are widely used in the construction of buildings and bridges worldwide.
Mining: oil mining and other mining operations like mining of ores of iron and coal especially need cranes.
Manufacturing: It also has an application in manufacturing industry like steel to lift heavy weights.

Cranes are widely noticed at the industrial construction sites. Without the help of these monsters the buildings of the skyscrapers would never be possible with such an ease. The versatility and the extensive performance in lifting heavy weights at construction and other work site is just incredible. The different types of cranes are utilized in a variety of industries and this crane technology is advancing in terms of design and carrying capacity. With the advancement there is an increase in performance output. There are some safety devices set up in the machines to check any overload.
The development of the infrastructure has been never possible without these. For more information regarding the crane maintenance visit;