Elizabeth Henson

8th Grade Art

8th Grade Art

I am a student at Three Lakes Middle School and I'm in Melissa Starkweather's class. Over the past 10 weeks we have been doing many different art projects. Our art ranges from crazy and confusing, to deep and detailed. Click the link below to watch a video of my school!


What have I learned?

Being in art since kindergarten, i have learned so many new things. This year we are really zooming in and focusing on the 7 elements of art, line, shape, form, color, space, value, and texture. We have done several projects to focus on each individual one. I have done art all three years of middle school and even though i am not very good, I enjoy it. I have learned about some new artists like Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder, and Peter Reginato. We did a Day of the Dead, Contouring Hands, and even just a few smaller projects like paper cuttings. Being in art has taught me so many things in the past 8 school years and i have definitely come a long way. Thanks to all my past art teachers, Mrs Waters, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Harris, and Mrs Horton, and Mrs Starkweather.

Three Lakes Middle School

Three Lakes Middle School opened up for 6th 7th and 8th graders in the summer of 2015. It is a brand new gorgeous school and has many great qualities.
Painter/Sculptor Peter Reginato