The Slayer Chronicles: First Kill

by: Heather Brewer

Lead Characters

Joss McMillan

What is the stoyline or plot?

Joss McMillan lived a perfect life until he witnesses his sisters murder at the hands of a vampire. Joss then finds out his family secret history, they are part of a slayer society. Joss the joins the slayer society to become stronger and get revenge on the monster that killed his sister and all of its kind.

What is your recommendation?

I would recommend this book to teens/young adults because the book is more of a blood, killing and mature kind of book.

5 adjectives to describe this text

Suspenseful, intense, brilliant, moving and thriller.

What type of language does it use?

A more modern language. The type of language it used was colloquial (everyday) language.

Find 2 examples of figurative language

"Joss found himself breathing heavily as he tromped his way up the millionth hill..." page 76 Hyperbole

"Abraham's heels clicked along the floor as he moved the length of the room" page 3 Hyperbole

Does the level of language make it easy or difficult for the reader to follow?

The language is easy for the reader to understand and follow.