Nelson Mandela Part 5!!!

A summary of Part 5 (chapters 20 & 21)

Chapter 20-

This chapter is about Nelson Mandela and his campaign to be released from prison. In August of 1988, he became very ill and had a bad cough. The government feared he would die in prison. By now he had spent almost half of his adult life in prison. In 1985, Zindzi, Nelson's daughter was now 25 and she read her father's response, a refusal to the government's offer to grant him a conditional release from prison. But then, at 4:15, February 11 1990, Nelson was released for the first time in ten thousand days!!!!!!!

Chapter 21-

In chapter 21, many things happen. Almost 100,000 people went to Soweto to welcome Nelson back. Nelson still has no right to vote and he still wants to have everyone treated equally. He gives a speech with George W. Bush. During this, Nelson talks about maintaining economic sanctions.

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Nelson Mandela's Inaugural Speech

Nelson Mandela's inaugural address

"No Easy Walk to Freedom"

This is the book about Nelson Mandela that I read. This book had very great detail about Nelson's life. I enjoyed reading this very much and I would recommend this book to people who like reading Non-Fiction. NELSON MANDELA