Justice McDonald


Media is a form of communication to the outside world. It includes television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, telephones, fax machines, and even computers. Media plays a big role in today’s society. Without this it would make it very limited to communicate with others. Media can never really be trusted or even accurate. Sometimes I feel as if it is one big scam. Everything that the media portrays isn’t what seems. Some people fall for it, while others investigate thoroughly. Media is all about who gets the most views and telling lies that will capture the reader/listener attentions. We turn to the media for everything. It’s up to you on whether you want to believe it and take precaution. Media literacy is having the ability to understand how mass media work, how they produce its different meanings, the way they are organized, and how to use them wisely and precisely. A person who has media literate abilities can describe the role media play in his or her life. The media literate person understands the different concepts of various media, and enjoys their use in a deliberately conscious way. The media literate person is in control of his or her media experiences.

T-Mobile Super Bowl 2014 Commercial

“T-Mobile Super Bowl 2014 Commercial” explains that customer’s do not need a contract in getting a wireless cell phone because there is much more to it than having a commitment. T-Mobile backs up their idea by featuring unsigned quarterback Tim Tebow saving a dog, delivering babies, discovering Bigfoot (and taking a selfie with him), leading world peace summits, and even throwing footballs on the moon. T-Mobile’s purpose was to inform the viewer’s that wireless consumers can also engage in a many different activities because the service does not require a contract. T-Mobile enlightened the millions of viewers who owns a cell phone or the many that are in a debate on which carrier is their best deal.

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Restroom Test: Is our love real?

In an attempt to test the waters of their relationship, Conrad Brown told reporter McDonald that he took a chance by 'taking a dump' at his girlfriend’s home for the first time last Saturday.

He left the bathroom door open so she could watch him poop. Sadly, the couple’s tolerance of watching each other poop was not as strong as they thought. This caused their relationship to definitely end.

"It was disgusting, he was farting, grimacing and the smell was awful. I can't be with this man," claimed Wilson.

"I nearly threw up. I won't be seeing her again, thats for sure," says Brown.

They are both available on dating sites now.

entry 5

If Mitt Roment was the president of the United States we would be at a bigger downfall. Republicans want to live in a world where they pick who can vote, who gets rights, who gets healthcare, how you can pray. They want to limit education for everyone. They are against the middle class, which is most of the population. They have not created any (middle class) jobs. They do not want to help small businesses grow. The Republicans plan to make a lot of changes for our children but they are changes we cannot afford. Military spending would have been higher under Romney. He would’ve added over trillions of dollars to the debt, paid for on the backs of the middle class and by hurting social spending like Medicaid. Most people of America need Medicaid. Our country would become a Dictatorship. A Dictatorship is when there is a single ruler and we do everything they say, we fall for all the lies. We would probably be back to a time where bush was in office. When Bush was in office the economy was at a downfall. Everything was all bad. There was no hope for most of America. We do not need it to be this way. We the people are just trying to succeed. There would be more corruption because the middle class of the United States wouldn’t approve of him being elected. Over 50% of middle class Americans voted for Barack Obama. Mitt Romney was a compulsive liar. He wants the rich to stay rich and the poor to stay poor. This is not how the world should be everyone deserves equal opportunities and treatment.

Mitt Romney was a Republican and a governor in Massachusetts. He was in office from 2003 – 2007. His birthdate is 3/12/1947 in Detroit, Michigan. I chose to write about this because Obama has changed the United States for the better. It is slowly becoming a better country to live in. If Romney was president the country would be in a debt that no one could fix. Also there would be a lot of unhappy citizens.

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response to 1984

It is a fascinating read, and when I finished it I was a bit horrified for a while by it. It isn't fun or pleasant. However it really makes you think a lot about how the world works, and how Orwell's world relates to our own and about how fears can rule your life and soon be controlled to rule the world. I dont really like Orwells work because it was rather confusing. It was to much going on at one time . I dont recommend this book to anyone. Unless you are someone who enagages in writing and will understand from page 1. This book was rather touching but it wasnt a book i would read on a day to day basis. In the modern world George Bush has basically declared an ongoing war against - "terrorists" - that could last for years and years. This causes so many problems, that we can barely handle them. He is taking away people's civil rights - like wiretapping their phones and looking at their credit and other information. We haver no privacy as a citizen of the United States. This is similar to the story that was portrayed in 1984. Also instead of obeying the laws, he issues "signing statements" saying he doesn't have to obey what he disagrees with. Our world is corrupt and there is nothing no one can really do about it. The ending of his book was acceptable only beacuse of the content throughout the novel. Orwell ended his novel with books with violence, heartbreak, and death, Orwell made his warning message stronger. I wouldnt have ended the book in a depressing way. No one wants to be sad about anything. The most important mesage i take from the book is watch who you call your friendas because you cant trust everybody. You never really know who is against you or for you.
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Entry # 7

Senior British Lit has taught me alot about thinking above and beyond. From assignment number one i knew i was in for a ride. This class can be fun only if you stay focused and determined to pass. The smores were hands on activities that you will enjoy. All of them were done on the computer. Most of the time we spent are days in the computer lab. This was a good thing for the students. It is better than reading a 5oo page book or taking notes all class period. Being on a computer is a motivation tool. With all the resources that are online its hard to not understand the task that you are given. This class was different than other language arts classes because we didnt read out of books much. Anyone who takes this class will no doubt enjoy it. There is not many things that i would change about this class. Although the main two issues were the quick deadlines to turn in the many assignments. I understand the reason behind it but I dont think we had enough time to do some of them. We would get at least two asssignments to finish in one class period. That isnt enought time if the work has to be done to the best of your ability. I am not a fast worker but there is no doubt about it on wether I will get the work done. Also we got off task alot in class. I am not a big fan of getting off task because I know that will be more work to do in the end. This is how i am in any class though. I am very organized and persistence with the work that I do. Overall this class was fun and everyday there was something new. I get bored very easily but that was not the case being in British literature honors.