Portuguese Bend Nursery School

Silent Auction & White Elephant Party

PBNS Fundraiser- Silent Auction & White Elephant Party

The White Elephant Party is considered to be one of the best fundraisers of the school year. This event gives us the great opportunity to both socialize and raise money for our school.

And enables families to reach their fundraiser goal and get to know cool local businesses that support our school!

Saturday, Feb. 21st, 6-10pm

The Pope Family's Home

  • Contribute one big gift worth $100 minimum or 2 gifts totaling a minimum of $100. This gift is not wrapped and will be a part of the silent auction. This does not count towards your fundraising goals.
  • 2. Contribute a "White Elephant Gift" - can be a nice, funny or gag type gift. There is no required dollar amount to this gift. This gift needs to be wrapped so the content is unknown. This does not count towards your fundraising
  • Gift Certificates/information are to be placed in a photo frame (5x7—8.5x11). Check the Dollar Store and similar shops!

All items are to be transferred to either Sarah or Kate before the day of the event.

Questions? Contact:

Sarah Peroni (Phoenix RB) 310-567-0580 speroni310@gmail.com

Kate Smith (Oliver RB) 310-347-1720 smithkate74@gmail.com