1936 Olympics

Marcus Morgan

Overview of Holocaust

Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany from 1933 to 1945, ordered Nazis to kill all of the Jewish population. At first , he was serving in the German Army but then he took control of the Nazi Party. The Nazis' main goal was to end the Jewish population. This bloody era is called the Holocaust.

Definition/Background Information

Hitler and Goebbels wanted to ban all Jews from any nation from competing in the Olympic games. To stop them, they created secret obstacles to get in their way. Observers of the 1936 summer Olympics spotted many German military men at the games. During the Olympics, Hitler made himself appear as a hero, but deep down he was a killer.

Original Research Question

What did Hitler and the Nazis do to stop certain people from competing in the 1936 Olympic games? The Nazis put up signs to warn individuals about competing in the games. They also created secret obstacles to stop Jews from competing like certain rules that were mainly targeted towards Jewish competitors.


"During the Olympics, the signs 'Jews not welcome' were temporarily removed from parks, hotels, and shops." This quote is important because it shows that Hitler is temporarily taking a step back. He is being very sly about his work.


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