East Africa

BY: Terry Hart

Five countries in the region

Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda

Five major Cities in East Africa

Djibouti, Kahama, Lamu, Tanga, Malindi

Describe the Landscape

Some flat lands, and a few mountains

What is the climate like?

Eastern Africa is generally tropical. East Africa is characterized by widely diverse climates ranging from desert to forest over small areas.

List three natural resources in this region

Agriculture- Tar Sand

Mineral- Salt

Metallic Elements- Chrome, Gold

Fuels- Coal , natural gas, petroleum

List three economic activities in this region

Trade, Mining, Manufacturing and processing

List and describe five physical features in this region

Ruvuma River, Mt. Killimanjaro, Horn of Africa , The Great Rift Valley, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika

Describe two major tourist attractions

Vibrant culture , freshwater lakes, and wildlife.

Explain any difficulties traveling in this region

Starvation and diseases are reasons why I would not travel in this region.

What i liked most about East Africa.

The cultures of East Africa are diverse. You get to view all different types of people and their interesting cultures. When visiting the eastern region you get to view the tallest mountain on the African continent. Eastern Africa has a man made, largest fresh water lake and also named after Queen Victoria. The East region also has an unique climate which makes them different.
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