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May News and Notes

Classroom Placement Procedures

The purpose of this article is to help you understand the process we will be using at Mill Creek Elementary School to decide your child’s placement for the next school year. Obviously, this process is an important and challenging task.

The professional staff is involved in placement decisions for our students. Classroom teachers are asked to summarize the academic and social growth of the students in their classes in preparation for classroom placement decisions. The entire grade level team cooperates with the Student Support Counselors, Reading Specialist, and me to determine each individual child’s placement. The whole team takes part in creating combinations of children to form balanced classrooms. The classes are designed to be heterogeneous with a wide range of characteristics, needs, and abilities (academic, social, and emotional). We carefully examine the strengths, needs, and personalities within each homeroom group. The grade level team reviews each child’s needs in relation to the classroom groups created. Once we believe the classrooms are well balanced, the teachers have completed their part of the process.

Following the completion of the professional staff phases, I review the class groupings again, but from a school-wide perspective. It is my responsibility to match the class with a specific teacher.

Students will have an opportunity to meet the teachers of the next grade level on June 17th, Move-Up Day. The objective of that day is to reduce student anxiety over their teacher prior to the summer break.

If you have information about your child’s learning style that you feel is important for the Mill Creek placement team to have prior to placement, please write a letter or send an e-mail to me that includes that information on or before May 15th. Although we value any information you provide and will give it careful consideration, there is no guarantee about specific placement requests.

Please do not request a teacher or request that specific students be placed with your child.

We conduct Back to School nights during the month of September for parents to meet and discuss the classroom and grade level programs for the year.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.


Kelly Carter

May Dates to Remember

  • May 6 & 7: 5th Grade Trip to Clean Streams
  • May 21: 1st Grade Trip to the Philadelphia Zoo
  • May 26: 3rd Grade Trip to the Franklin Institute
  • May 27: 6th Grade Middle School Orientation
  • May 28 & 29, June 1: 6th Grade Trip to Clean Streams

  • May 4 - 20: Sixth Grade Assessment
  • May 20: 4th Grade Strings and Chorus Concert
  • May 25: No School / Memorial Day
  • May 29 - 31: District Art Show

Spring Fair

Thank you to many parent volunteers that made our annual Mill Creek Spring Fair such a success: Leslie Sussman, Diana Vit, Cathy Keough, Linda LaBelle, Tanya Ngheim, Debbie Webb, Jill Bullock, Maria Bouchard, Monika Rector, and Maureen Engstrom! And a special thank you for the Coordinators of the Spring Fair Committee - Jen Steinberg and Kim Stein - who created a memorable and fun event for all!!

A Message from Mrs. Hiriak - Check out an Ebook!

Introducing a new feature in the Mill Creek Library. We now have access to thirty new Capstone Interactive™ ebooks!

Capstone Interactive™ ebooks can introduce new genres, increase fluency, and allow students to read books above their independent reading level. All Capstone Interactive™ ebooks include:

  • A special section in the back that includes nonfiction information, discussion questions, and writing prompts.

  • A self-navigation toolbar, which allows student-directed or automatic play of the book and forward/back options.

  • A link to, a safe resource to find related Internet sites.

These books can be read on your computer, iPad, or tablet, virtually any device where you have internet access. As a bonus, there is no need to check them out! Just click and read.To access these book visit the library home page by clicking here and find Capstone Interactive eBook link on the left side of the page. The username and password are as follows:

Username: cblib

Password: school

Try Capstone Interactive eBooks today!

Pep Rally

IMG 1394[1]
Our Mill Creek Dance Teams - Silver Stars and Burgundy Bursts - perform to Rhythm Nation!

Mill Creek Mentors

Mill Creek has a great opportunity to connect high school students with our elementary school students. Many National Honor Society members from CB South, organized by Mr. Chapman, visit classrooms weekly. Some of the CB South students also assist at our homework club program that is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in the school library. Most of the CB South students are former “Creekers”. It’s great to have them come back! The teachers and Mill Creek students appreciate their dedication and commitment!

Electronic Communications

Thank you for your cooperation with our move toward electronic communications from our school. We have not found a convenient electronic form for parent responses that need to be returned to school (for example: Home & School event notices that ask for payment to be returned). Instead, the forms that require you to return a response to school will include a statement like the following:

If attending the event, please send a check in an envelope with the following information included: student's name, student's teacher, and event name, on the check and on the envelope. Thank you!

Cyberbullying and Social Media For Parents Presented by NOVA

The Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA) is sponsoring a parent forum on cyberbullying and social media on May 26th beginning at 7:00 p.m. This district wide event will be held at Lenape Middle School and is intended for all families with elementary aged students. Please click here for more information.