By: Keyla Cordova


Nomad lived in teepees. Used leather instead of pottery because it could be broken. Raided just about everyone and stole goods and horse. The single most important tribe in shaping Texas history. They where the meanest tribe that there was back then


Buffalo is the food that they use and they use every part of the body. They use the skin for clothes and the bone for tools. The blabber is use to hold the water while they travel.

Religion/ Region

Nomads made pottery and moved to reservation in early 1900's. they where the most literate and educated. They lived in teepees.


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Clothing/ Tribal Government

Buffalo and deer hide feather body and face paint. They where lead by one chief that led the tribe.


Southeastern tribe most of the other tribe use buffalo to eat. The clothing most of all the tribe is loin clothes and animals skins. the southeastern tribe that the other tribe have is they have there most unique fact that go with Texas.