Joshua Evans For Phoenix Council

Four more months! Four more months!

Why should I represent 4th Period Creelman in Phoenix Council?

  • I was on Phoenix Council last year, and my class managed to pull together a pretty good station despite considerable opposition to most of our ideas until the end.
  • I am no stranger to other leadership, being the president of JWAC, Model UN, and German Club, and a section leader in band.
  • QR codes are just too swag not to vote for those who use them
  • I'm a crossover hit (see picture to the below or to the right, depending on device)

What YOU can get out of voting for me


Heartfelt and meaningful conversations letting you know I care about your emotions and troubles. I'll be here for you. Contact me anytime.

Exclusive access to my personal email-

I'm not joking about contacting me. I really do check that email quite often. Just introduce yourself as a fellow phoenix student and I'll talk to your heart's content.

While we're at it, here's my phone number: (469)-734-7692 (SMS with introduction is preferable)

My available pictures of myself:

Frequently Asked or Helpful Questions

Will there be food?

I'm not sure why this comes up so much, but I can make you some lovely yam-related dishes. Yams are my passion, but I can also provide satisfactory brownies, cookies, and muffins.

Why am I advertising for Beth Cook?

Because she deserves it. Not that I'm saying I don't, but Beth proved herself more in-classroom than anyone else, whereas my Phoenix Council representation was best at the council. I've also already had a turn at this, and while that might help in some cases, new ideas are also important.

How may I obtain a free hug?

Call me, email me, something. We can schedule a time.


I essentially did this so I'd have more room on the form, but I thank y'all for reading! If I make Phoenix Council, I'll do as much as I can to make this year's Simulation enjoyable and inclusive to all!


The Rains of Castamere by The National (Game Of Thrones) by wearehitsville