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We have launched out 5th reading unit, Heroes. The children have read about heroes from the past including Abraham Lincoln, Susie King Taylor, Chief Joseph, and Roberto Clemente. We also read about heroes from stories, fables, and folktales. We brainstormed character traits that all heroes possess and what makes a true hero. We are working in small book clubs on determining important information, generalizing, and making inferences. The children have also become close readers…applying strategies such as re- reading a story, highlighting important information, circling words or phrases that are confusing, post it noting stop and jot ideas, and making meaningful connections. We had a guest visitor, Mrs. Suzanne Daily, come in and teach us all about “symphony” discussions. This is a great strategy where the children share their ideas about a text in a meaningful whole group discussion. I am so impressed with their thoughtful ideas!

We finished The One and Only Ivan, a wonderful story about a gorilla and his promise to an elephant named Ruby. We are now reading, Sharon Creech’s, Ruby Holler, a story of two “troubled twins” who find their way from a cruel orphanage to an enchanted place called Ruby Holler.


Our animal mindset stories are published and bound. We were able to share our stories with our buddies- they were very impressed! Look for these pieces in your child’s portfolioJ

The children have planet partners and are thoroughly researching a planet, writing down important notes, and creating a PowerPoint. We will be sharing our presentations soon!


We are in the midst of Unit 8, learning all about fabulous fractions. The children are comparing fractions, finding equivalent fractions, and writing fraction number stories.

We also are continuing to practice important PSSA concepts, such as making change and finding elapsed time.


3…2…1…BLAST OFF! We have launched into our solar system unit. We have learned key vocabulary about the solar system and the planets. We are now researching, creating, and presenting Planet Power Points to showcase all of our new found knowledge!

Quiz Me Questions!

Quiz Me Questions!

· Who is a hero that you have read about?

· What is the planet you are researching and some facts about it?

· What is a numerator? Denominator?

Reminders :)


ð PSSA Math & Reading: March 24th- March 31st – 9:00-10:30 daily

ð The Franklin Institute Field Trip: April 10th

ð Make sure to help your child remember to bring his/her chapter book to and from school each day/night!

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