Riding is an exercise of the mind

Austin D.


: Setting is the starting point of the story.

:The setting of this story is a autumn morning in 1946.

: I know this because it says it in the story.

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: Theme is someone's thouts or ideas.

: The theme of the story is trying to find the perfected home.

: I know this because the story says that when it came time for me I would start my search again.

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: Protagonist is the main character of the story.

: The protagonist of the story is the guy riding the horse.

: I know this because in the story it use first person and he is the narrator.

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: Antagonist is the least most important person of the story.

: The antagonist of the story is Jemez Pueblo.

: I know this because he is only brought up in the story 2 times.

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