Report Card Pick Up Day!!!!!!!!

room 217, ERGC YAY!!!!!

1st Quarter Was a Blast!!!!!

In the 1st quarter, lots of things happened like track a thon, and most exciting of all, fear fest!!!!! I hope every one made it and enjoyed it. We had a lot of fun performing, writing, and making the flyers.

Greatest Accomplishment

I think you might know what I am going to say. I will pause here to let you take a guess. Are you ready now?? OK. My greatest accomplishment was............ DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!....... Fear Fest. I know , you totally saw that coming. Come On!! I told you this would happen!!! After countless hours of work and reading, we finally got to the final performance.

My greatest challenge

The greatest challenge was also the biggest well, everything!! During fear fest, we laughed, we cried, we sang, and we screamed like little girls. Doing all this made this the greatest accomplishment, we were relived when it was over, and also the hardest thing we did because it took almost 1 WHOLE month!!! I guess that it will be even harder to get through the 4th grade play!!

Expectations For The Future

My #1 expectation for the future is what everyone wants. You may not even know it, but ya do. You know that dream you have where you are awesome, or, you are winning something? In those dreames, you are being the best that YOU can be at everything you do. That is exactly what I wish for in the future. Weather it is a project, or just plain ANYTHING, I want to try my best to absolutly NAIL IT!!!!
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