Reasons Why Texan Hated Reconstruction and Carpetbaggers

One of the reasons why Texans hated Reconstruction was because Reconstruction government imposed by the North resulted in hight taxes. Another reasons why Texans hated Reconstruction was the South was now the weaker partner with the north due the the North's strength in industry, increase in population, and more powerful government. Texans also hated Reconstruction because of the Yankee carpetbaggers who came to Texas to get rich by taking advantaged of the weak economy and the dire financial hardship of individual Texans.

Redeemers and Democrats

I do not support Redeemers and Democrats because I believe that segregation based on race is not right. I believe that no matter your skin color we all have the same civil rights and protection under the law. The government should not be allowed to tell you where you can or can't eat, sleep, live, go to school, etc based on your race.