Statistics Analyst Wanted!

Pittsburgh Sports Bureau

Statistics Anaylyst Job Opening

A Statistics Analyst Job is a position where the employee plays a hands-on role in ensuring the statistics provided by the Pittsburgh Sports Bureau are the fastest and most accurate in the area. You will be expected to provide the latest statistics pertaining to all Pittsburgh Sports as well as interesting statistical facts that may be unknown by the general public. Also statistical trends may be used to make predictions for a team/player.


A person interested in the Statistical Analyst job opening is required to have a high school diploma. It is also required that a person has a college degree in the field of Statistics and Probability or similar major.

Job Opportunity

This job can help lead to higher ranking jobs within the Pittsburgh Sports Bureau. This also provides experience working with statistics in a sports setting. This provides valuable experience working within a team concept while also being individually depended on for job tasks.

Pittsburgh Sports Bureau

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