Five Myths About Gifted Learners

Article Response by Jennifer Durrett

"BIG Idea" #1

The federal definition for a GT learner is a student who shows high achievement capability and who NEEDS additional support to meet their full potential in the classroom.

"BIG Idea" #2

Students with learning disabilities can also be gifted. Often times, gifted learners show their giftedness in a specific area and may actually struggle in other areas.

"BIG Idea" #3

Gifted students need the support and direction of great teachers to not only ensure they reach their potential, but to keep them engaged. Gifted students are at risk of becoming frustrated in the classroom.


The article mentions that approximately 6% of learners may be gifted. What percent of CISD students are labeled as gifted and receiving services as a result?


Is there research that shows the most effective way to meet the needs of gifted learners (within vs. outside the "regular" classroom)?

Action Item:

As a new teacher, I plan to do some additional research online to see how other school districts meet the needs of their gifted students, and what educational policy conversations are happening around the topic.